The Work We Do

WesteO4rn Lodge works specifically with men over the age of 30 with a history of alcohol abuse, mental health issues and relationship breakdowns. Older homeless men are amongst the most marginalised, forgotten and stigmatised members of society and the help that Western Lodge offers is invaluable to these men. Our aim is to assist and support our clients in overcoming whatever obstacles are preventing them from living independently, so that they are able to be re-housed back into the community and live successful, fulfilling lives.

Support Services

  • 24 hour cover.
  • Sleep in worker available for emergencies.R5.3
  • Key-working systems and one to one support to assist residents in planning for the future and dealing with personal support issues.
  • Support in applying for benefits and grants.
  • Advice and information on accessing counselling services both statutory and voluntary.
  • Support in accessing education, work, and training opportunities.
  • Budgeting advice.
  • Preparation for independent living such as paying bills, shopping and applying for grants for furnishings.
  • Support in re-establishing family contact where appropriate.
  • Advice on personal health and hygiene issues.
  • Assistance in accessing legal and other advice services.
  • Maintaining social support networks.