What You Can Do

The men we take in at Western Lodge suffer from a variety of issues from alcohol abuse to relationship breakdowns. Some of the worst examples are men with clinical depression or post traumatic stress. These can be some of the most debilitating situations for our clients and the support is often the hardest to provide. In some circumstances our clients find themselves so ill they are unable to get out of bed and often lose their concept of time. These men deserve the help Western Lodge is able to provide and yet if you look for funding for these sorts of projects you realise how marginalized they are in society.

Some of our clients have spent long periods of time living homeless on the streets and after a while you do feel stigmatized by this. The goal of Western Lodge is that our clients will never again feel that level of disregard by their communities, but this is only possible with a high level of consistent support for the initial period of recovery.

As a charity we rely on the generosity of those who give time, money and gifts in kind. Western Lodge is constantly evolving and looking for new and innovative ways to help improve the lives of homeless people in London.

If you feel you can support us in any way, then do not hesitate to get in touch with our Fundraising Officer Owain Williams – owain@westernlodge.org.uk